Chicken Scream v 1.1.0 (Latest) APK For Android

Hello, Friends! How about playing a game without touching your screen for a single time. I know it seems quite strange, doesn't it? Yes, it does. Also, it doesn't offer quite smashing graphics, or anything quite remarkable either. But what it does offer is voice control which is quite remarkable. This is all about screaming not seeing.

ChickenScream can only be played on your smartphones just by screaming.  You can whistle, sing, scream or shout to make the chicken move, jump and so on. This is a kind of a game that totally works on your voice control. Sound matter not the tapping of your fingers.

It has recently been released with totally different kinds of controls. Unlike any other games, it is controlled by your voice only.

How to play?

Stop – Make no sound to make the chicken stop.
Run and jump – To make the chicken run, scream or to make it jump, shout as high so that chicken will start jumping.


Free and easy to use Voice control (scream to run and jump, speak softly to make the chicken walk slowly)
  • Collect coins while playing
  • Rewards are offered on daily not weekly nor monthly New obstacles
  • Buy news chickens with coins
The features mentioned above shows that this is pretty remarkable. Just get it by clicking on the link at the end of the post and enjoy first-ever voice control game on your Android.

Chicken Scream APK File Details

Developer: Perfect Tap Games
Version: 1.1.0
Requirements: Android 3.0 and up
Download Link: <<DOWNLOAD>>