Apental v2.52 APK Free Download for Android

While posting a photo, profile pic, status on Facebook we usually think of getting likes quickly. Some of us rather get likes at once but most of us do not. We beg our friends, relatives, and others do the job for us. But in return what we get is merely disappointment nothing else. So, don't be depressed now, as we have a smashing FB Liker app available, known as Apental. It will help you sort out the issues of getting likes on your photos quickly. 

It is a unique kind of facebook liker app which is stylishly designed and well developed. Unlike many other Auto Likers, it is pretty simple to use and get auto likes on your Facebook photos, or photos of any Facebook users and gets likes on photos of any Facebook pages using it. So we can say that it is solely a Facebook photo liker. Moreover, this app is available for Instagram users too.

How to get more likes on facebook?

There is no complicated procedure for getting likes on a photo using this App. Abide by the steps given below you will surely get likes fast.

First of all, grab latest and new version of auto liker. And install it on your Android phone. After successful installation, open app. Now you will see a Facebook interface if there is running internet connection. Sign in with your Facebook account. And select the photo on which you want unlimited likes. If the privacy of selected photo is public then the Button you "Want Likes on this?" will turn green, click on it and wait for a minute or two to start getting likes on the selected photo. Yeah, the process is that much simple, and straightforward. Hence you can now use it to increase facebook likes free. 


  • Free and easy to use
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Get likes totally on Facebook photos
  • Get unlimited likes and auto comments
    So, to get the Liker, click on Facebook Auto Liker download button by the end of the post and enjoy getting limitless likes on your photos. Also check djliker app as well it will add something more to the party. All these apps possess the same functionalities of getting likes.

    Apental APK File Details:

    Name: ApentalCalc Liker 2017
    Version: 2.52
    Requirements: Android 2 and up
    Download Link: <<DOWNLOAD>>