MoboMarket (Mobo Market) APK Free Download for Android

MoboMarket is a place where an Android user can find thousands of apps and games for an easy and direct download on their smartphone and Tablets. It is an app store just like many other stores available for Android users providing applications with an easy to use manner. However, there is still no match to the biggest app store the Google play store. But Mobo Market app store is doing its best to provide better services to users.

Baidu turned its imagination into reality some three years back by creating an app store as an alternative to play store for Android users. With the passage of time, it started to expand while improvements have been brought to make it better constantly. Now, find any sort of application you wish to download using the MoboMarket Android app. It is an app that you would love using. With powerful features and eye-pleasing design, it lets you install unlimited applications and games right from the store itself. It will help you discover most popular games and apps around you. Find your favorite application from the list of almost more than 800,000 apps.

Apart from that, grab free android apps and games, install the app using app manager features. With its powerful features, you can discover most popular games and apps and install them on your smartphones and Tablets and uninstall the ones you don't like. 


  • Easy to use
  • Awesome graphics
  • More than 700,000 popular apps and games available on the list
  • Install and Uninstall apps using app manager features
  • One click installation
So, download Android Market app and install it on your smartphones and enjoy using most famous and emerging apps and game store to discover most downloaded applications and pick of the day by experienced editors.

MoboMarket APK File Details:

Name: Mobo Market
Developer: Baidu

Size: (6.6 MB)
Requirements: Android 2.0.4 and up
Download Link: <<DOWNLOAD>>

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