It’s not easy to run an Instagram account these days. You must come up with unique photos while also keeping track of the upload timetable. To top it off, you can now use Instagram Reels to reach a bigger audience. If you want to establish a strong brand, you must also make sure that your feed is well-designed. The official Instagram app isn’t very helpful in this regard. Thankfully, third-party Instagram feed planner tools can help you keep track of comments, schedule posts, and, most importantly, aesthetically arrange your Instagram feed. So, let’s take a look at some of the best Instagram feed planner apps available.

Apps to Manage Your Instagram Feed


Plann is a wonderful place to start if you’re looking for a simple feed planning programme that also allows you to schedule Instagram posts. Plann has a well-developed Android, iOS, and web app. As a result, you may manage your Instagram account from both your smartphone and your computer.

First and foremost, the app contains your Instagram feed. To visualise your feed, you can add and schedule posts here. Within the programme, Plann also has a basic editor. However, I prefer Instagram’s built-in picture editor or a more complex editor such as Adobe Lightroom.

The built-in calendar in Plann was my favourite feature. It allows you to plan out your posts in advance. Festivals and major days play an important role in engaging with your audience if you’re a social media manager or influencer.

All of the other capabilities, aside from feed planning and post scheduling, are quite rudimentary, such as a hashtag set builder. You can utilise hashtag sets instead of inputting all of your hashtags from scratch. You also get basic profile stats, which are comparable to what Instagram provides.

Finally, the free version only allows you to link and manage one Instagram account. You have 30 postings per month, including 60-second videos. You’ll need to upgrade to connect more accounts, which starts at $7/month.

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Preview is a great alternative if you require an Instagram feed planner software that doesn’t impose a monthly limit on the number of posts you can make. I recently learned about Preview. The mobile app is simple to use and aids in the planning of your Instagram feed. After you’ve finished integrating your Instagram account, you’ll be sent to your Instagram feed.

Instagram Reels, IGTV, and Stories have their own tabs in Preview. By shifting the photographs around, you may curate your stream. You can establish hashtag groups in the same way as you can in the Plann app. As a result, you won’t have to rewrite all of the hashtags every time.

Preview also has a built-in editor that I think is significantly better than Instagram’s. You receive a slew of free filters to help you improve your photos rapidly. You can also try out paid filters that appear to be good on the surface. You also receive basic Instagram metrics in addition to all of this.

The opportunity to check the metrics of your competitors’ Instagram accounts is a fantastic tool. However, to unlock premium features like multiple company accounts, paid filters, fonts, and full analytics, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version, which starts at $14.99/month.

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Because of the UI, UNUM is my favourite Instagram feed planner app. I admire how meticulously the app was created. In addition to organising feeds, UNUM’s free plan allows you to integrate up to three Instagram profiles.

The web application distinguishes UNUM from the previous app. You may start working on your Instagram feed by uploading photographs directly to the online app.

It also includes some basic stats, which are comparable to those seen in other Instagram feed planner tools. The coolest feature is Phantom mode, which allows you to hide photographs from your Instagram feed so you can see what’s left after you delete them. If you routinely archive old posts to keep the colour palette consistent, this will help.

It’s for those who have two accounts, one for business and one for personal use. UNUM is aimed at those who are just getting started with social media marketing. The premium account is also less expensive than the other options. UNUM is a free service that offers 18 grids and 500 photo or video uploads each month.

Install UNUM Android | iOS


Planoly is more than just an Instagram feed planner; it’s a full-fledged social media manager. First and foremost, the free edition allows you to link your Pinterest and Instagram accounts. As a result, you can upload images to both Instagram and Pinterest at the same time.

Planoly, unlike the other programmes listed above, allows you to schedule a post for both Instagram and Facebook at the same time. If your Instagram account is linked to a Facebook page or account, this is quite beneficial.

This way, you may use the same feed planner programme to handle Instagram and Facebook. Planoly also lets you respond to comments and posts directly from the app.

Planoly, like the other programmes, also provides basic analytics. It’s worth noting, though, that the analytics are well-represented within the app. You will be given a summary table that compares the current week’s performance to the prior week’s performance. Planoly, you did a fantastic job!

The sole drawback is that Planoly does not provide data on a monthly or annual basis. For that, you’d have to subscribe to a premium account. The monthly fee for a premium account is $7. It grants access to services such as auto-tweeting, unlimited photo and video uploads, photo filters, and more.

Planoly also offers a web app with access to the whole social media planning package. If you manage several Instagram profiles for clients, this is a must-try.

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Later is a social media management app similar to Planoly. It does, however, offer a lot more than Planoly. First and foremost, the free edition allows you to add one Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok account per person and submit 30 pieces of content per month per social media profile.

Later has a feed planner hidden in the options section where you may upload and schedule posts. It aids in the visualisation of social feeds. There’s also a visual calendar where you can schedule and view postings across all social media networks.

Later is unique in that it allows you to create a free Linkin landing page. Now, it’s essentially a landing page with things you recommend or your own portfolio.

Linkin’s concept is comparable to that of Instagram Shop. However, you’ll need a suitable domain name for Instagram Shop. You can, however, link your products to your Amazon or other affiliate links with Linkin.

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Which Instagram Feed Scheduler should you use?

Planoly is a App that you should absolutely test. As a solo creator, it meets the majority of your needs, and the auto-post tool is a godsend. This is, in my opinion, the best Instagram feed planning app.

UNUM would be a better alternative if you don’t seem to be posting very often.