March 24, 2017

Opera Mini Web Browser APK (Latest) Free Download For Android

Opera Mini is the most elegant, neat, well-designed internet browser for Android. It is the most resilient web browser to data plan drainage. Saves you a lot of data since content reaches you after a fair amount of compression. That's why Opera Mini works much faster on slow networks too, as compared to other internet browsers. So you can imagine how fast you will be able to surf on faster internet connections with Opera Mini.  When we talk about the performance of the internet browsers on slow internet connections then Opera Mini would probably be on top of the list. For that very reason Opera, Mini Web Browser is the first choice of millions of internet surfers. Download Opera Mini Web Browser APK now and save tonnes of mobile data.


  • Ad blocker – Now Opera Mini makes it possible for you to block itchy, frustrating and irritating ads and surf delightfully.
  • Fast surfing– when we talk about Opera, one thing always clicks our mind that is the speed. Opera Mini is all about speed and it does all the work that needs to be done for faster and attractive surfing.
  • Smooth video download– This fantastic feature not only helps you save your favorite video clips from social networks but also from other free streaming sites to with exception to YouTube. Download unlimited files concurrently in the background with a full command to pause and resume whenever and wherever you want. It does also keep you away from mining your phone strong or SD card folders for a particular file. 
  • Private browsing – Wow! surf privately now. If you want to disguise sensitive information and the pages you don't want to appear in history.  
  • Night Mode – Not comfortable with your screen brightness? Never mind, now Opera Mini's built in night mode will solve the problem for you – drag the brightness control slider to the level of your comfort and enjoy reading luxuriously.     
  • Data Saving mode – Opera Mini's data saving mode maximises speed and data savings when using poor internet connections. Two option for data saving the high and the extreme helps you track your data to prolong your data plan. To extend your plan, even more, choose extreme data saving mode.   
  • Save for Offline – Now you are online and you don't have time to read all the content you want to and you are running out of your data plan too then there is absolutely nothing to worry about just click on the + tab to left of address field and save for offline and go through all the content any time.
  • Language ­– Select your own tongue that you are comfortable with. Opera Mini supports more than 90 languages. 
  • Synchronise all Device – Synchronising all devices such as Mobile Phone, PC, and Laptop via Opera Mini account. OperaMini lets you continue on PC or Laptop what you have left off on your phone.
Opera Mini Web Browser download for Mobile is available right here right now.

Opera Mini Web Browser APK File Details:

Name: Opera Mini Web Browser
Developer: Opera
Version: 22.0.2254.113472
Installation Requirements: Varies with device
Download Link: <<DOWNLOAD>>

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