October 23, 2017

SoundCloud Latest APK v2017.04.07 Download For Android

SoundCloud_ APP
SoundCloud is an amazing application for Android phones and Tablets user's to join the family of musicians and artists on the go and be part of the largest music-loving community.

SoundCloud is the largest online audio and music streaming platform, providing music and audio lovers with the unlimited number of audio and empowering them to share their own creations and recordings with the whole global community as well. It is getting bigger and bigger day by day as new energetic and dynamic artists are coming and joining the community. In addition to that, this is the place where you can find the top-ranked artists, their albums, and much more. Although a huge number of artists and musician are still unaware of this invaluable platform and yet to explore. So you could imagine how much gigantic it getting on each passing day. 

Moreover, this app also provides a library of and audio files which enable you to discover the music of every sort such as Hip Hop, Rock, Classic, podcasts, sports etc. More than 150+ million tracks have been listed in Sound Cloud Catalog.


  • Record search and play – Lets you record your own voice and play songs with its nicely integrated audio player of any user that you follow. Fast search helps you in this regard and suggests you, tracks based on your liking.
  • Follow through stream section – lets you follow the users and keep track of the activities of them all.
  • Social Network Integration – Links your  Sound Cloud user account with your Facebook and Twitter which helps you to post your activity on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Playlist – make playlist according to your own mood and flavor.
So, I personally recommend you to install this amazing social app. Sign in if you already have sound cloud account to get connected with the huge world of music around.  It's Android Download file is readily available from our site. Just grab Android apk file of the Music Downloader. Old versions are also available in different app stores too.

SoundCloud APK File  Details:

Name: Sound Cloud
Version: v2017.04.07
Size: 33.7 MB
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Download Link: <<DOWNLOAD>>

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