At some point in their lives, everyone has read a quote. Whether it’s Steve Jobs’ late Apple co-“Stay Founder’s Hungry, Stay Foolish” or Gandhi’s “An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind,” Quotes not only inspire people, but they also encourage you to think like other well-known people. So, if you’re feeling down and need some motivation, here are some of the finest quote applications for Android. Let’s get this party started.

Android’s Best Quote Apps

Best Quote Apps for Your Android

1. Best Quotes and Status

This programme is for anyone who wants a vast collection of quotes, and it does operate offline. The programme has a simple home screen, and the quotes are organised into categories such as rage, birthdays, love, and even breakups (yep, there’s a category for that). When you tap on the categories, you’ll get a list of quotes that you can save, copy, and share as a text or an image on social media right away.

The quotes are displayed in plain text by default. However, tapping on the quotations brings up a variety of background selections, including gradients, pictures, and plain colours. You can even save your favourite quotes as favourites, which will appear in your Liked Quotes section. There is also a $1 ad-free version that eliminates the watermark from the photographs. This programme is excellent for basic functions, but I would have liked a home page widget that updates with fresh quotes every day.

Download Best Quote and Status

2. Brilliant Quotes

Brilliant Quotations, like the Android quotes app, contains a large selection of hand-picked quotes and support widgets. Within the app, you can change the widget’s layout, style, and content. Morning quotes, trending quotes, phrases based on hashtags, photo quotes, and so on are all components of the app.

When you return to the widget, you may select which types of quotes to display. However, if you want individual quotes for each day of the week, you’ll have no choice but to pay $1.7 for a premium. You also get daily quote notifications and don’t have to deal with advertising.

Download Brilliant Quotes 

3. Motivation – Daily Quote

I, like the majority of you, don’t want to limit my inspiration to the morning hours, and this app is the perfect option. You can set a time frame for when you’ll be alerted with a quotation in the motivation app. The app is straightforward and devoid of unnecessary frills. You can specify a start and finish time, as well as the maximum number of times you want to be alerted with a quote (30).

I like the app, but most of the categories, such as body positivity, goal setting, and coping with death, are only available to premium users. The app provides a seven-day trial period, but it is only active when you pay for the plan you select, which is inconvenient. It costs $3.15 and includes all categories, full reminders, and the removal of advertisements. Oh, and if you have your own quotes, you can add them to the list, but only plain text.

Download Motivation 

4. Quotee

Quotee is a brand-new quote app for Android phones that boasts a large collection of quotes. Quotee, like the first quotations app, puts similar types of quotes in a single tab, such as motivation, hope, humour, and rage. It has an excellent user interface that allows you to browse through categories or search for a certain type or keyword. You can also save the quote to your gallery, share it, or save it to your favourites.

Fresh quotes is a component of the app that claims to pull new quotes from the internet. The app, in my opinion, can be improved on two fronts. To begin with, I miss having a solid or gradient background for my quotations, which makes the current quote UI appear more text-based. Second, there should be an option to save quotes without the watermark to the gallery.

Download Quotee

5. Musixmatch

Songs can be a terrific source of motivation, and you’ll find a variety of quotations to share on your Android device. Musixmatch is the only app you’ll ever need. To create a lyrics card, simply launch the app and search for the lyrics you wish to include. Choose the lyrics that will be included in your lyrics card. This gives you a few possibilities for personalization. You can, for example, alter the image background by selecting one from your gallery or using pre-loaded images. There is also a font area that allows you to change the font size from small to large, as well as alignment settings.

The quote includes some supplementary information, such as the performer and song title, as well as a watermark. It doesn’t worry me, though, because it’s so subtle. So, the next time you become emotional while listening to a song, just select the lyrics, add an image, and share it with others.

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6. YourQuote

YourQuote is similar to Instagram, but focuses on quotes. Quotes are shared by users, which you can like and comment on. You can also post your own quotes, but you’ll need to sign up first. You can find writers to follow in a variety of genres, such as film, politics, and life. You can scroll through these image quotations and follow profiles that interest you. It also has features similar to Instagram, such as the ability to like and save quotes.

It’s simple to make a quote. You begin by inputting the quotation in plain text and then embellish it with photos, animations, and filters to make it more appealing. You can also alter the text size, change the font, add the author’s name, and so on. Finally, once you’ve published 48 posts, you’ll be able to use the publishing tool. With this method, you can not only publish an online book but also earn royalties in the long term. What are your options now? Post your own quotes and let others enjoy your work!

Download YourQuote 

7. Wallpaper (Reddit)

Wallpaper, as the name implies, downloads images from the subreddit and sets them as your phone’s background. The best part is that you can choose the subreddit, so you can manually select your favourite quotations from r/quotes, r/quotesporn, r/stoicquotes, and other subreddits to use as your wallpaper. You may also set it to change automatically or add different subreddits for a variety of possibilities.

The “favourites” option, which allows you to repeat the backgrounds every now and again, is another very handy function. There are editing possibilities, but I believe they are bare-bones. You can modify the brightness, apply blur, and choose whether the image will be in full resolution or compressed. The programme isn’t free, but for what it provides, I recommend paying $1 for it.

Download Wallpaper 

8. The U.S. Presidents

Any country’s president is a well-known individual who folks look up to (most likely). Things they say can become widely repeated, such as former President Donald Trump’s remark, “Sometimes the best investments are the ones you don’t make.” It includes a list of presidents as well as some of their most famous comments.

It’s not a quotation app in the traditional sense because it only has 4-5 presidential statements; however, if you’re interested in learning more about these leaders as well as a few memorable lines, it’s a great resource.

DownlDownload The U.S. Presidents

9. The Bible App

This app is everything you need if you enjoy getting your daily dose of motivation from the Bible. It’s a beautifully designed app that includes everything a reader would require. Every single day, one verse is highlighted on the homepage. You can also choose to receive notifications if you don’t want to launch the app. The widgets are the takeaway for me. You can add plain text or an image as a widget to your home screen, depending on your preferences.

Aside from that, the app allows you to personalise the image by selecting Bible texts. If you’re using your own image, you can adjust the font style, letter height, spacing, colour, and even blur the background image. You can make the photo square without cropping it using the app’s built-in crop option. This makes posting to Instagram a breeze.

Download The Bible App

Closing Remarks: Quotes Apps for Android Phones

Finally, while these apps may stimulate and inspire you, there is no alternative to hard work. So, rather than making a long conclusion, I’ll leave you with what Maria Sharapova, a legendary tennis player, stated—

I have had lots of luck in my career but there has also been a lot of hard work.