Grand Architect, welcome! The sci-fi city-building adventure game Building Arcadia plays continuously in the background.

You are going to step into the Arcadian universe. Set in a distant future where technology has advanced Humanity beyond recognition as we know it.

Join the Arcadia intergalactic community, which is controlled by a Council of galactic beings. You are the first human to be allowed the pleasure of having full access to the network now that Humanity has finally advanced sufficiently to join the Arcadian government.

The Council has given you the responsibility of Grand Architect, and your first assignment is to design a brand-new paradise world for humanity to live in. Can you transform Fortuna into a paradise while elevating humanity? Will something stand in your way, or what?


  • On each playthrough, there are around 40 procedurally generated places.
  • 4 unique place types to be constructed on 25 Buildings to construct (and more to be added)
  • Several challenges to avoid and overcome


  • You will run into a persistent evil that will obstruct your progress.
  • Discover about 11 odd anomalies that can have both favourable and unfavourable effects.
  • Get more knowledge about the Arcadian world by consulting a cynical “Quanta” for advice.
  • Interact with odd but entertaining characters


  • Find and gather materials to support the colony’s expansion.
  • Unlock infrastructure and technologies
  • Create a successful economy by producing and combining colony products.
  • To increase your profitability, gradually modernise your factories, refineries, and manufacturers.


  • You must consider how to expand because there are consequences for your actions because this is not your ordinary idle game.
  • Use the strength of the nanite swarm to thwart the ancient evil’s attempts to wipe out the colony.
  • a novel class of incremental game that differs from a simple rail-based game.
  • combines characteristics of idle/incremental games, exploration, and city construction.
  • In this game, you can die, but with each repetition, your progress will progressively get better, albeit with some initial setbacks.
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  • Once the installation is complete, you can use the application as usual.
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