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Official Rizeyt Mod Apk

You can use this application to play online games and get help buying things for free. You benefit from these objects while playing. You may easily kill your opponent player with the use of these things, and you can play a variety of games. All MLBB players can take advantage of our VIP Official Rizeyt Mod Menu ML. This software will provide you with a sizable package of products that are all highly personalised, upscale, and new ML skins. On all obtainable APK versions, the application is completely functional.

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Official Rizeyt Mod Apk Features

  • Anti-ban
  • Easy to use
  • Free to use
  • Safe & secure
  • Menu ESP:
    • ESP Line
    • ESP Box
    • ESP Distance
    • ESP Crosshair
    • Line & Box Size
  • Menu Camer:
    • Drone Horizontal
    • Auto Drone 2X
    • Auto Drone 4X
  • Menu Battle:
    • Show Enemy Jungle
    • Unlock All Skin
    • Unlock All Emblem
    • Fix Grass
  • Menu Costume:
    • Attack Speed
    • Move Speed
  • Menu Settings:
    • Box Width
    • Box Height
  • Also, support Android 5 to 11
  • Support Root and Non-Root devices


Download the official RIZEYT MOD APK to have access to various premium features including Drone View, unlocked maps, and much more. Purchase this game as soon as you can to take advantage of Mobile Legend’s Ultra support ha. That updated application, if you will. Ads, passwords, and the user interface won’t be present, allowing you to quickly advance to the level of expert player.