The Blackshark firm has introduced Shark Chan, their first digital assistant, since the Blackshark models were updated to MIUI 12.5. There are other features that have been added to the JoyUI Global edition that can provide you a wealth of new experiences. But after updating, it is not accessible to those of you running Blackshark 3 or before. I will thus walk you through the process of downloading Shark Chan today!

Manufacturers of gaming phones constantly work to make the phone feel like a friend in order to provide you the finest experience. Additionally, Shark Chan is available to Black Shark users. It feels more familiar and is simpler to call because Chan is a suffix word.

Shark Chan Apk 2022 Download Latest Version

Shark Chan Apk

Shark Chan can currently only be installed and used on models with the update number PROS2110220OS00MP3 (PROS version number is Black Shark 4 series). However, you must utilise a machine from the mainland in order to use all of its features. However, this is still a change for a gaming phone in the international edition.

I’m confident that those of you who are fans of anime will enjoy using this virtual assistant because it has features like changing the charging effect, character effects in the backdrop, or changing the background of the alarm bell effect.

Shark Chan Apk Download

After learning that it is nearly impossible to install Shark Chan on your device prior to MIUI 12.5 version, you can use the APK File to download for versions 12.5 and higher because at that point, the device already has tools accessible. service needed for operation and use.

I have attempted using other Xiaomi and Redmi models, however it appears that since there is no required service to utilise, there will be crash indicators following installation. When your gadget is not a black shark line, I don’t advise you to download anything!

Shark Chan Apk